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The main iLeicestershire site has been taken offline, but the network itself lives on. The iLeicestershire network site here at will be kept in use for the foreseeable future.

Due to compatibility problems between the script used for the iLeicestershire site and our hosts, we have decided to close that site, and replace it with a plain "html" site. This site will mainly act as a portal linking to the iLeicestershire Network Sites, but also as a link directory for pages related to Leicestershire. We may at some point reintroduce a forum as well.

When the current subscription for the iLeicestershire domain name ends (in about a year) we will probably close the site altogether, but until then it will be kept running.

Problems with the previous iLeicestershire site meant that people were unable to register, the system kept logging people out if they did eventually manage to register, and the whole site was very slow to load, which made updating it and viewing it very time consuming.

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