Privacy Policy

The iLeicestershire Network respects out users privacy and, therefore, we will not intentionally disclose private information (including email address) to other companies and organisations. 

However, if you intend to use the forums, free email or newsletter services, then you should be aware that external providers may collect information from you. Currently, these are as follows:

  • Yahoo! Corporation (Newsletter Service)
  • EzBoard Incorporated (Forums Service)
  • Zap Zone Incorporated (Free Email Service)

This privacy policy also applies to all member sites. Whilst we make every possible effort to ensure that member sites comply with this policy, we cannot accept any responsibility for information passed on from other sites. If the member site in question has a privacy policy, please read it. Otherwise, you may assume that they use ours.

Addition for the policy when using Semper Eadem: "If you make a request for information, we may forward your email on to other people to ask for help. If you would prefer us not to do so, please state". If you would like more information on this addition, please contact us.

We will be happy to provide contact information for these companies at your request. If you have queries please contact us.

Last Updated Sunday October 20, 2002


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